About Us
We would be pleased to co-operate with your actual building projects, regarding particularly detailed planning and preparation of the bidding documents for metal,  glass and stone facades. We pay special attention to the fields of cost reduction and quality assurance. The projects mentioned in our reference list proof in particular that accurate planning in the bidding procedure contribute to high cost stability at the award of contract of metal construction works. Claims of supplemental payments virtually drop to almost zero.

Another advantage is the quality assurance of the planned metal construction works, guaranteed through a permanent control, testing and approval of the implementation plans which are carried out in close co-operation with the architect and a regular specialized construction management.

We offer more than two decades of vast experience in the area of the construction of metal and glass facades, covering the following main fields of activities: 

  • Cost calculation and price verification for facades and glass roofs.
  • Consulting and counselling linked to the complete building, with statics, noise protection, climatic conditions, fire protection, safety engineering, renewable energies, photo-voltaic, etc.
  • Detailed planning of the total cladding
  • Preparation of the bidding documents (according to GAEB) and collaboration at the award of contract. 
  • Control and monitoring of the detailed planning. 
  • Professional site management until final clearing, release and financial settlement of the contracts. 
  • Preparation of the certificates of conformity and official expertise.
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